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Attic Hatch

Save Money, Save Energy AND Meet Code With the First Attic Hatch to Meet and Exceed National Building Code Requirements.

Attic Hatch R Value 12.67

Exceeds the energy efficiency revisions to the National building code.

  • Pre-Built attic access assembly
  • Double weather Strip Seal
  • Hatch Frame is totally air tight
  • Reduces Condensation
  • Meets Ontario building code sizing standards
  • Access lid consists of an extruded vinyl profile
  • Recycled polyurethane insulated steel skin panel
  • Reduces Heat Loss


Building Code

The first attic hatch to meet and exceed National Building Code requirements (2) No dimensions less than 545 mm Attic Hatch Inc. specification at 547.2 mm

A- (1) and (2) Air Leakage through Air Barrier System ASTME283 Air Leakage Single Panel (CSA A440 Test Rating) – A1 Double Panel (CSA A440 Test Rating) – A2

A- Required resistance to heat transfer Attic Hatch maintains Poly and Thermal Barrier Single Panel RSI – 12.67 Double Panel RSI – 14.78