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CanSave strongly believes in integration and equal opportunity.  CanSave works with its employees with Disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under Ontario’s Law’s.

Hi there CanSave Employee

Please check back here for updates on business status, take care.

Hi there,

As we continue to try and live our day to day lives with as little disruption as possible, the reality is, that not many aspects continue to be normal.

We continue to make as many improvements as possible to make our workplace safer for each one of us.  A special thanks to many of you who have forwarded suggestions towards combating the spread of the Virus.

To those who are currently on a Leave, we hope to see you back when you are ready.

For those of you currently working at home, thanks for continuing to perform the necessary work that keeps Can-Save going, and for your understanding in being asked to perform tasks that you would normally not perform.   

To those of you that have chosen to continue on, thank you for understanding and practicing all of the new initiatives.  I know it’s not easy to reprogram our personal and social tendencies,  especially when it was normal before.   

Further, I can’t thank all of you enough in helping where help is needed. Yes, we have a number of departments, many different varied roles and responsibilities. Seeing everyone pitch in where help is needed most, exemplifies the professionalism and dedication towards not only helping our customers and in turn our business, but also simply helping each other get through this very stressful time.

Let’s continue to keep in our thoughts all of the front line people who are challenged every day to help us through this difficult  time, including all first responders, nurses and physicians.

Lastly, I just want to again express my thanks to everyone, but most importantly I wish you and your families health and happiness  now and as we continue through this most unprecedented times of our lives!