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Chemcrest Architectural Products

Chemcrest Inc. produces architectural mouldings and millwork that can be used during both interior and exterior renovation projects. Interior crown moulding and other related products are perfectly cut to ensure the correct fit. Exterior goods are crafted using high-quality polyurethane that will not deteriorate. Decorative millwork products are perfect for historic restoration projects and other remodeling jobs.

Interior Architectural Products

Engineered to last

Chemcrest Inc. offers hundreds of products for exterior use. The intricate detail of our patterns with crisp clean lines set us apart from the competition.

Our High-Density Polyurethane Balustrade Systems, Columns & Porch Posts, Entrance & Window Systems, Louvers, Mouldings and Siding are engineered to last with precision fitting; lightweight and far easier to install than traditional products.

Exterior Architectural Products

Unmatched Detail

Chemcrest Inc. offers a variety of decorative mouldings and millwork for interior use. Unique patterns, precision alignment and fitting of our mouldings set us apart. Compared to plaster or wood mouldings our products enable faster installation with consistent quality; cost-effective, lasting and timeless solutions.

Our Interior Products are available in High Density Polyurethane, High Density Polystyrene and Low Density Polystyrene.


Adding a balustrade system to your project is an inexpensive way to recreate the timeless elegance of historical design.

The Chemcrest Inc.’s balustrade program is a comprehensive, easy to specify, and easy to install system of balusters, rails, newel posts and accessories. The easy-to-use charts provided in this catalogue ensure that you get the correct product you require for a precision fitting system.

Our balustrade components utilize heavy duty uP.V.C. and/or steel reinforcing in order to meet our strict quality standards and provide you with a solid, safe, structurally sound balustrade system.

Ceiling Elements

Chemcrest Inc.’s decorative ceiling elements include rings, rosettes, medallions, surface mounted domes, ceiling domes and ceiling beams. Made from high density polyurethane, Chemcrest Inc.’s medallions are dense but light-weight and easy to install. Crown a dining room or foyer with a highly detailed Chemcrest medallion or surface mounted dome.

Consider adding a matching crown mould to further enhance your room décor. Suggestions for matching mouldings with medallions are provided on select medallion styles – or reference Chemcrest Inc.’s extensive Mouldings Section.

Every medallion is manufactured using mould technology that gives each one sharp, crisp undercuts and corners that replicate the wood carved originals. Whatever your application, Chemcrest Inc. has a beautiful, highly detailed medallion to suit your particular need.

Columns and Porch Posts

Styles come and go, but columns have stayed in fashion for over 3000 years. The only changes in columns over the past number of years have been the types of material they have been made from. Today, the best columns are made by Chemcrest Inc.

Our porch posts are structural and our decorative columns easily conceal existing unsightly support posts or pipes already in place. Structural columns are also available. In every case, Chemcrest Inc.’s columns and porch posts are more durable than wood and do not require the continuous maintenance or rot repair that wood products demand.

Chemcrest Inc.’s columns come in a variety of styles: smooth, fluted, paneled, straight, rope, tapered, round and boxed. Add one of our crowns or capitals and bases to further enhance the look.

Entrance and Window Systems

For new construction or remodeling, Chemcrest Inc. provides the finishing touch. Use Chemcrest Inc.’s Door Surrounds to dress up any doorway or entrance, and create a unique elegant look to your project.

Choose from hundreds of combinations of Crossheads, Pediments, Sunbursts, and Pilasters to accentuate your Windows and Doors. Pediment styles include Acorn Pediments, Peaked Pediments, Horizon Pediments, and Ramshead Pediments, where Window Accents include Standard Arches, Eyebrow Arches, Sunbursts, and any Crosshead or Pediment style. Adorn your openings with the addition of Dentils, Keystones, or Bottom Trim to our Standard Crossheads.

Decorative Millwork

Enhancing one’s home is synonymous with enjoying one’s surroundings. Chemcrest Inc. offers a number of decorative accents to add to your home’s décor. Decorative accents may be purely decorative or highly functional – it is entirely up to your imagination. From Stair Brackets to Hanging Shelves, we have what you are looking for.

Polyurethane products are easy to work with and are cut and installed much like wood products. They can be painted with either a quality 100% acrylic latex paint following the manufacturer’s instructions, or “Gel” stain our woodgrain products for wood replication. Polyurethane products can also be faux finished for an entirely unique look that is all your own. Use Chemcrest Inc.’s decorative accents as suggested or dream up something entirely new.


Make dramatic and beautiful accents to your exterior façade with Functional or Decorative Chemcrest Inc. polyurethane louvers. Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, wood grain and smooth textures, we can supply the perfect louver for your application.

Our Functional louvers are moulded with fixed open slats to provide the necessary ventilation for your attic or airspace. Rear fiberglass screening prevents unwanted pests from entering your home.

Our Decorative louvers are moulded with closed slats to provide the classic look of a functional louver for areas where ventilation is not required.

All of our louvers may be ordered with factory routing for easy installation, when used in conjunction with siding.


Chemcrest Inc. offers hundreds of moulding profiles for either Interior or Exterior use. The intricate detail of our patterns, combined with crisp clean lines, is what sets Chemcrest Inc. mouldings apart from the competition. Chemcrest Inc. also produces one of the highest density products in the industry.

Chemcrest Inc. mouldings are available in different materials including High Density Polyurethane, Flex Urethane, High Density Polystyrene and Low Density Polystyrene. Chemcrest Inc. also offers moulded “inside” and “outside” corners for a number of profiles. Our woodgrain profiles, when “Gel” stained, replicate the beauty of natural wood without the normal rotting and cracking associated with it. Chemcrest Inc. polyurethane mouldings are lightweight and far easier to install than traditional plaster and cast products of yesterday. A factory applied primer is standard on all products, though on site, finishing is required.


Use a Chemcrest Inc. wall niche in a foyer, stairwell, hallway, or beside a fireplace to display a treasured artifact or a beautiful floral arrangement. Often, a niche becomes the focal point of a room much like a piece of furniture or collected artwork. Uses of niches include displaying awards and trophies, or in bathrooms where perfumes, candles, baskets of soaps, and potpourri can be displayed.

All of our niche designs can be easily installed using carpenter tools, a cutting template (included), and by following the detailed instructions.

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