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Shingle Dog 15 Roofing Underlayment

Home owners and builders are barking for new synthetic underlayments, even though they only have a budget for #15 felt.
Bite back with Shingle Dog 15™, the price-competitive #15 felt replacement.

Are you ready to upgrade from #15 felt?


One roll of SHINGLE DOG 15™ covers 10 sq. and weighs only 20 lbs., that’s 6X lighter than #15 felt. One roll of SHINGLE DOG 15™ covers 1000 square feet. Use fewer rolls, use less truck space, lift and carry a lot less weight on every job.


Upgrade from #15 felt, and forget about tearing, ripping, wrinkling, water absorption, blow offs, hot oily surfaces, and long term dry-out & cracking that plagues #15 felt. Wider rolls, fewer rolls, more coverage per lap, faster installation vs. #15 felt. Get a cooler grey surface, and synthetic construction impervious to mold growth. Now that’s smart!