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StoneCraft Industries

StoneCraft delivers a complete range of authentic stone veneer profiles.

We constantly innovate with new products to offer the most complete line of reliable stone veneer solutions.

From light commercial applications in historic districts, to wine cellars in custom homes, to fireplace and water features in hotels and restaurants, StoneCraft’s versatility always brings dynamic style.

We stand behind our product’s innovation and durable beauty with industry-leading warranties and attentive customer service.

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Available Profiles






Laurel Cavern Ledge


Top Rock








River Rock



Wainscott Sill


Pier Cap


Light Box


Rock Face Sill


Peaked Wall Cap


Receptacle Box




Flagstone Wall Cap


135 Degree Corner (Heritage Only)


Trim Stone




The irregular stone shapes, sizes and textures of Farmledge have been molded into panels to re-create the time honored look of stacked stone with the benefit of a simplified installation. Farmledge stone panels are approximately 4.875″ high with varying lengths ranging from 7.75″–19.75″.

Farmledge Westchester

Farmledge Westchester

Farmledge Ridley

Farmledge Hamilton

Laurel Cavern Ledge

Laurel Cavern Ledge was meticulously crafted to create a timeless appearance. Handpicked from the rocky ravines and cliffs of North Carolina, this unique profile has rugged yet well defined features. Stones range from 1″–3.5″ in height and 5″–17″ in length.

Laurel Cavern Ledge Asher

Laurel Cavern Ledge Tennessee

Laurel Cavern Ledge Chardonnay

Laurel Cavern Ledge Pennsylvania


The warm and traditional appearance of Heritage lends itself to a wide variety of architectural styles adding elegance to any residential or commercial application. Each stone was originally hand-chiseled by masons to create rugged rectangular ashlar shapes. The profile installs into randomly coursed patterns making an impressive visual statement. Heritage stones range from 2.25″–8″ in height and 3.5″–17″ in length.

Heritage Bucktown

Heritage Ohio

Heritage Hill Country

Heritage Chardonnay

Heritage Old Ohio

Heritage Warm Springs

Heritage Tan

Heritage Pennsylvania

Heritage Wisconsin


With a wide range of bold angular shapes and rugged surface texture, Fieldstone creates a unique visual dialog. Inspired by rustic European building techniques, Fieldstone consists of intentionally irregular shapes and sizes. The profile ranges from 2″–18″ in height and 4″–18″ in length, with an average of 7″×9″.

Fieldstone Bucktown

Fieldstone Mountain

Fieldstone Warm Springs

Fieldstone Canyon Grey

Fieldstone Pennsylvania

Fieldstone Colorado

Fieldstone Valley Forge


The linear lines of this versatile profile create an appealing contrast of rugged texture and contemporary design. Ledgestone ranges from approximately 1″–5″ in height and 5″–21″ in length. Installed in a dry-stack application the stones stack tightly together horizontally as the varying stone depths create intriguing shadow play.

Ledgestone Bucktown

Ledgestone Tennessee

Ledgestone Chardonnay

Ledgestone Wisconsin

Ledgestone Pennsylvania

Ledgestone Kingsford Grey

Top Rock

The rubble shaped stone indigenous to Pennsylvania features subtle contours and smoother rounded edges. The sandstone appearance with its low profile face allows light to emphasize the colors inherent within each stone. Top Rock ranges from 2″–20″ in height and 5″–25″ in length.

Top Rock Brown

Top Rock Warm Springs

Top Rock Pennsylvania

Top Rock Realen


The sandstone textured profile Cobble is roughly chisel-cut into rectangular ashlar shapes. To soften the rugged appearance, the edges are slightly weather worn. Subtle face texture & unique beveling encourage the individuality of each stone. Cobble ranges in size from 2.5″–12″ in height and 4″–21″ in length.

Cobble Canyon Grey

Cobble Valley Forge

Cobble Grey

Cobble Mountain

River Rock Adirondack

The distinctive and time honored shape of River Rock is easily recognizable. Soft rounded contours are slowly revealed from the gradual effects of rushing water. River Rock ranges in size from approximately 1.5″–15″ in height and 3″–18″ in length.

Cobble Canyon Grey