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Typar Surround Housewrap

SURROUND Housewrap is a lightweight building wrap woven into sheets and coated. Micropores allow the house to breathe, yet are small enough to retain excellent wind barrier properties.

SURROUND Housewrap

SURROUND Housewrap is an effective wind barrier that helps homes stay cool in hot regions and warm within cold climates. It reduces air infiltration around doors, windows, studs and electrical boxes.

The microporous fabric also allows water vapor to pass through the wall cavity, while keeping out wind-driven rain.

The smooth finish prevents snagging on sheathing. The see-through fabric makes it easy to line up to wall studs.

Finish Your Building Envelope with Typar Flashing and Construction Tapes

Flashing AT (All Temperature)

Flashing AT provides protection against moisture penetration at windows, doors, and thru-wall entry points.
Count on maximum adhesion to OSB, plywood, aluminum, vinyl and the weather resistant barrier – even in extreme temperature conditions.
• Suitable for installation down to 0°F
• Thermally stable up to 180°F
• Capable of adhering to wet surfaces
• Exceeds current AAMA 711 standards
• Self-sealing around nail penetrations
• Split poly backing for easy install
• No primer required
• 2-year shelf life
• 10-year limited warranty*

Typar Flashing RA

A rubberized asphalt flashing that is an affordable choice with best-in-class performance.
It has all of the advantages of TYPAR Flashing BA while offered at a lower price.
• Rubberized asphalt (RA) flashing
• Best in-class performance
• 10-year limited installed warranty*
NOTE: Many commonly used sealants and caulks contain solvents and plasticizers which can react with the rubberized asphalt adhesive on flashing. Make sure caulks or sealants coming in contact with the adhesive portion of TYPAR Flashing RA
do not contain plasticizers or solvent. This includes most polyurethane and silicone caulks.

Typar Flashing Flex

A conformable, composite peel and stick flashing product, ideal to flash around curved windows. Use it on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints to improve air and moisture holdout. Based on a two-ply oriented high density polyethylene film, mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet.
• Ideal to flash around curved windows – also on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints
• Improves air and moisture holdout
• 2-ply oriented high density polyethylene film – mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet

Finish Right with TYPAR Construction Tape

A strong, coated polypropylene film that seals seams and edges to ensure the integrity of the building envelope. Use it on window flanges, corners, joints and seams to improve the building envelope and air and moisture holdout. Won’t deteriorate over time providing years of reliable performance

Use Stinger to Cap Off Your Project

Use SURROUND Housewrap and Typar Flashing & Construction Tapes as Your Weather Protection System

The TYPAR Weather Protection System not only withstands the rigors of the construction site, it keeps delivering high performance long after the cladding is up.

TYPAR Building Wraps, Fasteners, Construction Tape and Flashings work in harmony to ensure the comfort of the people who live, work, eat, and sleep within the building’s walls.

From the roofline to the foundation, the complete SURROUND® Weather Protection System is engineered to assure you of the greatest protection against the damaging impacts of moisture penetration to the building envelope.