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Dear Valued Partners,

Further to the Ontario Government’s announcement to close all non-essential businesses, Can Save is recognized as an essential supply source per the government’s listing and will remain open and operating.

At this time, we wanted to give you another operational update on the current state of Can Save, Cabinetsmith, and Doorsmith operations.

Cabinetsmith Production:

• Select Series lead times are moving from 2 to 3 weeks
• Impressions Kitchens lead times are moving from 3 to 5 weeks (see https://cabinetsmith.ca/lead-times-for-new-orders/ for all current lead times).
• Cabinetsmith is made of almost entirely Ontario inputs to manufacturing and input inventory is in good shape and suppliers remain open. Daily cabinet output is down slightly, but still operating.

Doorsmith Production:

• Interior door slab and exterior steel slab suppliers are on mandatory shut down in Quebec until April 14th due to Covid-19 and will affect Doorsmith lead times for new orders
• Interior door slabs and interior door systems new orders are moving to current lead time plus 4 weeks ( https://doorsmith.ca/lead-times-for-new-orders/ ).
• Interior door slabs current onhand inventory will be used to fill in house open orders first. If onhand inventory permits, some new orders may be shipped early.
• Exterior door order lead times will be normal except for doors requiring non stock door slabs or non stock glass from Novatech. Those orders will be current lead times for that type of door plus 4 weeks (https://doorsmith.ca/lead-times-for-new-orders/).
• Exterior door slab current onhand inventory should enable stock door lead times to remain as regular until our exterior slab supplier reopens.

Customer Service:

• Customer Service has been moving offsite and working from home
• The easiest way to reach them is by email at support@cabinetsmith.ca, support@doorsmith.ca, or
• If you need to reach them by phone while they are offsite, they are only accessible by dialing
their extension directly. Give them a call directly if you need any help.
• Cabinetsmith extensions are available at https://cabinetsmith.ca/phone-numbers/.
• Doorsmith and Can Save Building Material extensions are available at https://doorsmith.ca/phone-numbers/.

Shipping and Delivery:
• Regular trucks are being loaded and leaving daily.
• Delays are occurring due increased sanitization routines, driver availability, and reduced receiving hours at many delivery locations.
• If receiving hours have been reduced at your location, please notify support@cansave.ca of the changes as they may affect our ability to deliver to your location
• Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill specific timed or scheduled drop off requests at this time
• Possible alternatives for those with reduced hours are hold for pickup in one of our locations including Barrie, London, Ottawa, and Sudbury

We thank you for your partnership and patience as we all work through this unprecedented time together.

As things continue to evolve quickly, we will send additional updates

Take care and be safe,
Dan McArthur, CanSave President