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Engineered for Canada and ready for anything,
TYPAR.CA gives you a valuable option for defending homes in an unforgiving climate.


Defining rugged, high-performance weather protection for decades, TYPAR® BuildingWrap stands up to the elements and the competition.


Rising to the challenge on jobs four stories and up, it’s the only choice for ruggedness during the build and energy savings for the building.



Consider these the essential components in sealing up rough openings.


Quickly and securely seal up those seams, joints, corners, and more.




No matter the conditions, TYPAR® flashings stick tight, install easily, and stay true to our reputation for higher performance. Consider these the essential components in sealing up rough openings.


All Temperature Flashing

This extreme-conditions champ doesn’t get brittle when it’s bitterly cold out, making it suitable for installation down to 0° F. Plus, it stays stable and strong when temperatures climb. With a split poly backing and the power to self-seal around nail penetrations, it makes your job easier, too.

Butyl Flashing

Our everyday, go-to, affordable flashing was specially formulated for performance—and no VOCs. It boasts compatibility with most caulks and sealants used for window installation. It also performs over a broad temperature range, delivering a durable, long-lasting seal.

Flexible Flashing

Incredible strength and conformability. That’s what you need for complete sealing around curved windows, window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joints. That’s exactly what you get in this quick-to-apply, peel-and-stick flashing.


 Tough and versatile, TYPAR® tapes ensure you quickly and securely seal up those seams, joints, corners, and more. When used with our wraps and flashings, they’ll earn you our lifetime limited warranty.


Construction Tape

TYPAR Construction Tape does a critical job in maintaining the highest levels of integrity for the building envelope. It tears quickly, and its pressure-sensitive adhesive sticks aggressively—even if you’re working under low-temperature conditions.

CCMC Approved Construction Tape

CCMC-approved TYPAR Construction Tape features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s engineered to grab on aggressively. Pick up a roll to seal flanges, corners, joints, seams, and more—so no part of your building envelope is compromised.


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