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Bakor Waterproofing Products

Henry’s wide variety of waterproofing accessories can provide superior waterproofing protection, in adhesive, primer, sealant, sheet and fabric formulations, to various substrates throughout the building envelope.


Blueskin WP 200

  • SBS membrane flexible at low temperatures
  • Minimal odor during application
  • Fully adhered systems prevents lateral water water movement
  • No flame required
  • Factory controlled thickness


Waterproof Foundation Coating

  • Odorless, non-toxic, of heavy brush consistency
  • Ideal for insulated concrete forms (ICF), preserved wood foundations (PWF), foundation walls, footings, and retaining walls
  • Excellent adhesion to both damp and dry surfaces
  • Contains no asbestos or volatile compounds
  • Environmentally friendly material

Damp Proof Foundation Coating

  • Damp proof coating on masonry or concrete foundations
  • Prevents absorption and migration of dampness and moisture
  • Easy, brush on formula
  • Used as a protective coating and preservative for new or old weathered asphalt, metal, or roll roofing. Used to line gutters and paint metal flashings

Aqua-Bloc (Emulsion Based for ICF)

  • A liquid applied, asphalt waterproofing membrane
  • Used for waterproofing foundation walls and other structures
  • Can be applied to damp or green concrete
  • Bridges cracks up to 3mm
  • Also used for waterproofing poured and block foundation walls, insulated concrete forms (ICF), split slab floors, and residential retaining walls
  • Can use Single Coat Method, or reinforce with Yellow Jacket Fabric


Aqua-Bloc (Solvent Based)

  • A liquid applied, asphalt waterproofing membrane
  • Used for waterproofing foundation walls and other structures
  • Cures through solvent evaporation
  • Provides a “seamless” rubber-like, impervious membrane
  • Above, on or blow grade installation for waterproofing parking decks, tunnels, planters, mechanical rooms, reflective pools and foundation walls

Aquatac Primer

  • A polymer emulsion based primer
  • Enhances the adhesion of self-adhesive membranes
  • Used with membranes such as Bakor Blueskin SA, Blueskin Weather Barrier
  • Can be applied to masonry, concrete, non- treated wood, drywall, ICF and metal
  • Quick drying
  • Environmentally friendly – Low VOC content
  • Non-flammable during application
  • Easily applied by spray
  • Water based, no solvent odours
  • Specially designed to provide a high level of tack on vertical surfaces