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Lomanco Ventilation

Lomanco Ventilation – Producing quality ventilation since 1946.


“The Lomanco Balance”, offers free movement of air and weather protection .

Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up and eliminates mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems.

By ventilating, you are extending the life of other building components (shingles , insulation, etc).

Lomanco’s experienced personnel are committed to properly ventilating homes everywhere.

Turbine Vents

The original Whirlybird® turbine vent.
A Green ventilation product utilizing Wind power. GUARANTEED FOREVER!

Lomanco Roof Vents

Lomanco® Static Roof Vents are exhaust vents.

Each vent’s unique design offers maximum weather protection.

Omni Ridge Vents

Omni Series Ridge Vents come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Guaranteed to last as long as the shingles you use.

Intake Vents

Inadequate intake is the #1 cause of attic ventilation system failure.
Lomanco offers a variety of solutions to meet your intake ventilation needs.

Gable Vents

These heavy gauge, all-aluminum gable vents are tightly constructed with machine tab folds, and feature wide mounting flanges for easy installation.

Weather and pest protection is assured.

Foundation Vents

Lomanco® Foundation Vents are designed with an 8×8 perma-coated aluminum screen attached.

Engineered for maximum venting capacity and maximum weather protection.

Omni Wall Vents

The Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Shingle Over Vent offers functional ventilation for where your roof joins a wall.
The OW-4 may also be used in a contemporary shed roof (mono-slope/single-slope) application.


The Lomanco® DRB-24 Cupola offers an elegant answer to your ventilation needs. All aluminum construction. A built in rain shield and an 8×8 perma-coated screen are engineered into the design to assure maximum weather protection.