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Techstar Dock Floats

Bill 228: The Bill requires persons who sell, offer to sell or construct floating docks, floating platforms or buoys to ensure that any expanded or extruded polystyrene in the dock, platform or buoy is fully encapsulated. LEARN MORE.

*Techstar dockfloats are built – fully encapsulated.

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All Purpose Floats

Techstar All Purpose Dock Floats offer the maximum in design flexibility and economy.
Each float has 6 molded holes enabling you to lag your floats to your frame up from the bottom.
You can use any size framing lumber 2×6 or larger. 3 Different heights allow you to choose your freeboard.

  • Versatile and Economical floats
  • EPS foam filled (expanded polystyrene)
  • Both lumber and hardware stay out of the water
  • Foam filled for added security
  • Less labor to build your dock
  • 3 different heights enable unlimited configurations
  • Polyethylene is environmentally friendly and gasoline resistant
  • Polyethylene is resistant to aquatic wildlife
  • Mounting holes are molded in

BF – 1

Bumper Floats

Techstar Bumper Floats are a unique combination of dock bumper and flotation.
Designed to run the length of your dock on both sides, these floats will comfortably float a dock 8 feet wide.
For docks 10 to 12 feet wide we recommend one row of centrefloats and for docks 14 to 16 feet wide we recommend 2 rows of centrefloats.

  • A unique combination of dock bumper and floatation
  • Comfortably float a dock 8 feet wide
  • Dock Bumpers are built in as part of the float
  • Foam filled with closed cell Expanded Polystyrene for added security
  • Designed to run the length of the dock on both sides
  • Deck boards sit flush with top of the float for a clean finish
  • Polythylene is environmentally friendly, as well as gasoline and wildlife resistant

Wheel Float

Techstar’s Patented Wheel Float  enables you to remove your dock effortlessly.
Just roll it right out of the water on to the shore!

  • Both 23″ wheel and float are filled with closed cell expanded polystyrene.
  • 750 Pound wheel load capacity
  • Heavy duty 1 7/8” aluminum axle
  • Wheel is built right into the float giving it 575 lb flotation
  • Easy to assemble – 6 mounting holes
  • Compatible with both wood and aluminum docks
  • Float Dimensions 24” x 48” x 18” c/w wheel overall 24” x 48” x 28”
  • Shipping weight 72 lbs

Kayak/SUP Rack

Save space on your dock and clean up your KAYAK/SUP storage with Techstar Racks.

  • Moulded in beautiful sandstone linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • 8 Bolt holes per bracket (4 horizontal, 4 vertical) for easy mounting with 5/16” hardware
  • Paddle slots moulded in
  • 2 Tie down loops per bracket
  • Suitable for Kayaks, SUPS (Stand up Paddleboards), Wakeboards and Skis
  • Warranty – 10 years

For Use:

  • Inside or outside
  • Deck or dock
  • Lawn or shed
  • Boathouse or garage
  • Single or back to back
  • Tiered on a wall

5 Step Dock Stairs

Techstar’s 5 Step Dock Stairs are ideal for an aging population and families with dogs (see video). These stairs fill with water when submerged and drain when flipped up.

  • Grip rail runs up the back of the stairs.
  • Non slip stepping surface
  • Heavy duty handles
  • Distance from the top of your dock to bottom of your stairs – 55″
  • Shipping weight – 35 pounds
  • Model No. DL-5
  • Rated for people up to 350 pounds

4 Step Dock Ladder

Techstar’s Flip up 4 Step Dock Ladder is moulded in beautiful sandstone polyethylene. This ladder fills with water when submerged and drains when you flip it up.

  • Grip rail runs up the back of the vertical ladder.
  • Non slip stepping surface
  • Heavy duty handles
  • Distance from the top of your dock to bottom of your ladder – 45″
  • Shipping weight – 25 pounds
  • Model No. DL-4

Bumper Boy Dock Bumpers

Protect your investment with Techstar Dock Bumpers. The BB-7 and BB-9 work with new docks or will easily retrofit most existing docks.


  • Works with new or existing docks
  • Comfortably float a dock 8 feet wide
  • Wide cover a complete 2×6 frame
  • Molded in lengths just under 4 feet, the 7 inch height
  • A full 3″ of protection between the dock and the boat

Low Profile Shoulder Float

Techstar Low Profile Shoulder Float is uniquely molded with a mounting shoulder and holes to bolt thru to your frame. They are ideal for all applications including commercial docks and large residential docks.

  • Low Profile Shoulder Float allows you to use any size framing lumber and bolt sideways thru a choice of 8 molded holes.
  • Now foam filled for added security.
  • 12” of flotation sits under your frame
  • Many dock builders find this float the easiest to build with.

Heavy Duty Shoulder Floats

Techstar Heavy Duty Shoulder Floats are commonly used in large commercial docks. Perfect for marinas, two size floats accommodate finger docks 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” wide.

  • You can comfortably use large framing such as 2×12 or 3×10.
  • Model MF-2448 has 12 molded holes.
  • Adjustable dock height with different frame heights.
  • Our toughest floats – 3/8” thick.
  • Molded cable trough.