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Bakor Flashing Weather Barrier

Damage from moisture penetration is the #1 complaint from homeowners.

Blueskin WB Seals off the tiny gaps between wall sheathing and windows, doors, skylights and more to prevent water, vapour, and air leaks.

Provides your customer with a more comfortable, energy efficient home.


Blueskin Weather Barrier WB

  • Window & Door flashing self-adhered
  • Impermeable to air, vapour and water
  • Self-sealing around nails, screws and staples
  • Rubberized flashing membrane
  • Stops drafts
  • Fast, easy peel and stick application
  • Adheres to a variety of residential window and sheathing materials

Places to Use Blueskin WB:

Foilskin Waterproof Tape

  • Repairs small holes, cracks, flashing and loose seams on metal roofs
  • Use as waterproof flashing around chimneys, vent pips, skylights, gutters
  • Patch can be slippery when wet
  • Can be used where recurring leaks are a problem
  • Can be applied to most surfaces such as wood, metal, smooth asphalt roofs, and cured masonry